Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Year, New Beach Hut?!

So my family have been on a waiting list to get a beach hut in my area for around 6 years, and then finally, it the very end of last year/beginning of this year, we finally got to the top of the waiting list and got a beach hut! It might not seem like the most exciting thing, but when you live in a seaside town you sort of take the beach for granted a bit, but now we have the beach hut,we don;t have a choice but to use it! 
We went down the beach to see it the other day,when it was sunny but super cold, and I took a few snaps! So enjoy!

View along the beach from our hut!

idk, i thought this was a cute shot

the previous owners of the hut left some really cute decorations and bits in it
for us, which was incredibly lovely!

cute little sign

even more cute bunting

view of the sea from inside

view from outside (a little bit scruffy)

my niece checking things out!
I really can't wait to spend hours on the beach in the spring/summer with friends, family, or even on my own! I've always loved going down the beach,and now I can spend even more time down there!

And as an update, I'll most likely be posting weekly rather than every couple of days, as I've got tonnes of college work to do pretty much all the time. So you can expect posts every Sunday!

Thanks for reading!

Much love, RubyLauren xx

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