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My Concert Experiences

Considering I'm 17, I'd say I've been to quite a few concerts. My first concert was in 2012 and overally, I've been to 4 and have 2 coming up in 2015, so I don't think I've done too badly. So I've decided to explain to you how my concert experiences were as they were all very different.

1. Ed Sheeran at Le Trianon in Paris, 18th November 2012

For starters your probably thinking 'Paris??? But you live in England??'. Well as you can imagine, in 2012 Ed Sheeran was just really rising to fame with his first album, so everywhere in England sold out pretty quickly as all the venues were pretty small. So my mums friend had the idea 'why don't we go to Paris?? They're not sold out there!' So we did. My friend, her parents, my parents and I all went to Paris and I'm so glad we did. The venue only held 2000 people, and we were standing, so we got an AMAZING view. The opening act was Passenger, who most of you know now as the who sang 'Let Her Go' which he hadn't released yet, but did perform. Anyway,for a first concert experience at age 15, this was pretty amazing. Also, it was on my birthday! Which was another reason we chose to go to this concert in Paris.
So although our feet hurt for standing for so long,and a girl in front of us fainted, Ed was INCREDIBLE and I mean incredible. He probably sounds better live than in the studio, which shows he's an amazing performer all round. I'm still not over this concert and doubt I ever will be.
We were so close!

2. Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 arena in London (I can't remember the exact date) around December 2013.

The Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball is one of those things which happen around Christmas and you have multiple artists that perform. So I decided I might as well go, no matter who's really performing, as I'll get to see a load of people for the price of one. If I can remember correctly, I saw Olly Murs, Union J, James Arthur, Disclosure, Naughty Boy and Sam Smith (together), Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah and Katy Perry. I might be missing someone out, but they are the ones I really remember as I don't have any photos so I can't remember exactly who was there. But this was also VERY good. I wasn't a particularly huge fan of anyone but it was still an amazing show. Sam Smith was there, and he's an insane hit now,but back then he'd only really done 'La La La' so everyone was shocked by how good he was live. However the shock of the night was how amazing Tinie Tempah is live. He was AMAZING and it's a shame I don't have any videos, but he got the entire arena on their feet and jumping, which was amazing. Everything was amazing! Although, I'd say this concert was the least enjoyable of the 4 I've been too, it was still a lot of fun.

3. One Direction at Wembley Stadium in London, June 8th 2014.

Yes, I went and saw One Direction. Yes, I am a fan of One Direction. This concert was insane, for more reasons than one. I went there with my friend, who is borderline obsessed with One Direction, and I was a fan too, and it was the day before my maths GCSE exam. (We both passed maths, so no motherly lectures please). Wembley Stadium fits 80,000 people so you can imagine I was nervous about 80,000 screaming girls. But it was a lot of fun this concert, as you felt like you weren't being judged at all, and that feeling is so great. Anyway, the supporting act was 5 Seconds of Summer, who I absolutely LOVE so when I found that out I was ecstatic.Their performance was amazing,and really pumped us up. And then One Direction came on. Like I said, it was INSANE. Their was a power surge when they came on, and the whole Wembley shopping complex had a power cut. It was such an amazing atmosphere throughout the whole concert.We were singing along to every word, and they're actually really good live. Like, genuinely. At the end of the night, my ears were ringing, and that'show you know you've been to a brilliant concert. (PS: They all looked good as hell. I'm not even ashamed to say). This concert was probably the most fun out of all of them.
Our seats (not too bad)

Panorama during 'Little Things'. Sooooo pretty.

4. Ed Sheeran at the O2 arena in London. 13th October 2014.

Yes, I was so enthralled by Ed Sheeran the first time, I went to see him again. I wa not dissapointed. After Ed's second album came out (which is amazing) I just thought, I have to go see him live again.I HAVE TO. So two of my friends and I (one of those friends I also went to One Direction with) went up to London on a Monday to go see him. This was the first time I'd been to London without a parent, so it was pretty terrifying but completely worth it. It was a much bigger crowd this time,around 15,000 but this made no different as Ed was still there with just him and his guitar. The entire concert was amazing,and 5 people proposed throughout t it. 3 of those during 'Thinking Out Loud'. It was insane, you'd just hear a random screaming from one side of the arena and BAM a couple is engaged. The thing I love about Ed Sheeran concerts is the age literally ranges from 9 to 99. You get all sorts of people there,and it's all just such fun,and no-one is judging you. You don;t get any snobby fans with Ed Sheeran, they're just all there to see an amazing artist give a great performance. This was probably my favourite concert of them all. PS; It was Saint Raymond who was the supporting act and he was amazing! Everyone should check him out!)
We arrived like 3 hours early. So we spent a lot of time on the floor.
He's so small compared to the first time I saw him:(
Possibly the coolest photo I have ever taken.

So those are all the concerts I've been to, and I've been very lucky to be able to get seats to all of them. They were all very good, but the 1D one was definitely the most fun, and the Ed Sheeran ones were the best overall, the second one moreso than the first. However, I enjoyed allof them which is why I have got two concerts planned for this year.
I'm going to see Ed Sheeran again. Yep, a third time. However, this concert is in Wembley Stadium, so I can literally say I've been to every stage of proper concerts that Ed has done. I'm going with my Mum as no-one else could afford to go, and it's in June or July I think. I can't really remember if I'm honest.
In May, I believe, I'm going to see 5 Seconds of Summer. They supported 1D but this is the first time I've seen them headlining and I'm SO excited. I absolutely love their album and I just can't wait to se them perform all my favourite songs. I'm going to se them at Wembley arena (not stadium) and I literally can't wait.
I hope you liked reading about my concert experiences and I would defintely recommend going to see both Ed Sheeran and One Direction, especially if you're umming and ahhhing about it, JUST GO FOR IT.
I love concerts as they have the most wonderful atmospheres. There's nothing more beautiful than a thousands of people coming to share in a musical experience.I can't wait to go to more and more concerts as I get older,as I don't think you ever really grow out of concerts.

Much Love,

RubyLauren xx

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