Monday, 22 December 2014

New Blog Name? (rubylaurenlives)

I have changed my blog name!

You're probably thinking 'you've only changed one word, whats the point?'
The point is I've realised I feel quite restricted. I realised I want to do random posts about anything I wish to, and feel like I can't do that if I'm just a travel blog, with a travel blog name. So hence, the change from 'rubylaurentravels' to 'rubylaurenlives'.
I haven't really traveled much yet, and I felt limited on the amount of travel posts I could do, but if I just have a general blog, I can post about things I really do have knowledge about and/or other things I enjoy.
Obviously I'm still going to post travel type posts, but there will be lots of other posts as well!
I apologise for the sudden change, but I feel like it was needed.

Much love,
RubyLauren xx

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