Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Day Trip to London.

On the 8th of November, I went on a day trip to London with my family. I'm very lucky with the fact that it's only  a train ride away from where I live so it didn't take too long. We went up to London to see 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' which is an art installation dedicated to fallen soldiers, at the tower of London, but I'll explain more further on in the post. However, we also went on a general stroll around the city. So here is my day, told via photos and (probably badly explained) captions...

We got off at London Bridge station, which means we had to walk along the river Thames to cross Tower Bridge to get to the Tower of London. It was a grey, cold day, as most autumn winter days in England, which you'll probably see in all the pictures.

Large poppy on HMS Belfast, which is a military ship turned museum on the River Thames, next to where we walked along.

Crossing tower bridge. As you can see from the ground and multiple coats, it had been a bit rainy, but that's nothing abnormal in England.
Then we got to the Tower of London to see 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red'. Basically, it is an art exhibition of 888, 246 ceramic poppies in the moat of the tower. The significance is that 888, 246 is the same amount of soldiers that died in the first world war,and this year was the centenary. By the time I post this, the exhibition will have started to be taken down) from the 11th November. Which is why we went up on the 8th, as almost all of the poppies will have been positioned by then, as more are added every day until the 11th. Anyway, it was absolutely STUNNING. The sheer number of poppies doesn't hit you until you get there, which makes you realise the devastation from the first world war.There were massive crowds surrounding it, however most people didn't mind, as it was brilliant to see so many people having such an avid interest in both art and history. I haven't got the best photos from the best position, but you can get the idea of the exhibition.

Incredible, right? I still can't really comprehend the sheer number, it's so overwhelming!

Anyway, that's about the end of my post about London. I would definitely recommend going to see the poppies whilst they're still there in large numbers, which they won't be for long!

Thank you to anyone who's read my first post on this travel blog and I'm sorry if it isn't perfect, as I'm just learning to do this properly! Feel free to comment any questions or advice for me!
Thank you and see you soon (I guess??)
Ruby x

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